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Justice League Stillness Community

Kinda like a bunch of Superfriends?

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Select Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Justice League Stillness Community! You don't have to be a fan of the show to join, you just have to be creative (though you'll enjoy it more if you are a fan). I know the name of the community is JLU Stillness but there wasn't enough room to put Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Stillness. So all aspects of both shows will be included :)
Thanks to quebelly for coming up with the whole "stillness" idea, it was a great one!

Owner/Moderator: moonstone_icons (but you can call me Seline)
Co-Mods: fatherartist, bananainpyjamas, greedyslayer
Banner Maker(s): moonstone_icons and so_out_of_ideas (Wanna help?)

What You Do:
For the most part we will supply you with the image(s) to use (unless it's a free for all or a theme challenge). Save the image and design an icon (or icons) out of it. Once you have finished, post it in a screened comment on the Challenge Post. We will accept entries until the designated deadline. You will have ONE week (starting March 6, 2007) to submit entries. There will be awards for first, second, and third place as well as Mod's choice.


1. You must be a member of the community to enter contests.

2. No animation please, this is a stillness community. However, brushes, text and other non-animated effects are allowed and highly encouraged.

3. For each challenge you are allowed to enter up to 4 icons unless otherwise stated.

4. Your icons must be fresh, meaning you cannot recycle old icons you have used in the the past.

5. DO NOT post your icon anywhere until AFTER the contest has ended and winners have been announced.

6. DO NOT vote for yourself or get others to vote for you, that's not fair to others.

7. Please make sure that your entries fit the LJ standards: PNG, GIF or JPG format, 40kb and 100x100 maximum size.

8. Host your entry on an image host such as Image Shack or Photobucket and provide a direct link to your entry.


1. Do NOT vote for yourself nor get others to vote for you!

2. Submit your vote in a comment on the post. It will be screened and visible to only you and the mods.

3. Voting will begin the day AFTER entries are due. It will last THREE days and then winners will be posted. Banners will follow shortly after.

**The next two rules are for people who want to use someone else's icon**

4. Please ask the artist's permission, to use their icon and follow any and ALL rules they have.

5. Make sure you give PROPER CREDIT for that person's icon.


1. Upload to your image host.
2. Provide a link to your icon. Example submission:


3. The link must work for as long as humanly possible, others may want to check out the results of past challenges and they won't be able to see them if you take your work down.