DC (bananainpyjamas) wrote in jlu_stillness,

Challenge 14

The theme for this challenge is (Watch)tower of Love.

Guidelines: Icons must feature a Leaguer on Leaguer romance. Canon ships, unconventional couples, or hey, even threesomes are fine as long as everyone involved was at one time on the JL/U roster.

You may submit up to FOUR icons. Please do not use the same ship in more than half your entries, i.e. if you are submitting four icons you may have two of the same ship, but if you are submitting only two total they both must be different. I'd like to see some variety here, since I can predict that the entries might otherwise be dominated by a few pairings. ;)

Due Date: Icons must be submitted to this post before midnight EST on Sunday, March 18th.

If anyone has any questions, just post 'em here. Have fun!
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